Getting there - Aloha


The details of getting to Marbella / Puerto Banus are here - Getting there ...

By Road

The address and map details are in the side bar - your GPS should work with the address, the full geo data of the apartment is: 36°30'08.5"N 4°57'31.3"W / 36.502363, -4.958682 / Google Map link.

By car from Malaga or Gibraltar - take the motorway A7.
There are stretches where the A7 becomes the AP7 and you pay for it. The "P" is the hint. As you are on holidays you may save the relatively high charges for the short stretches of motorway. Usually you are not saving a lot of time, though, during the summer the APs have considerably less traffic. If you are happy to safe the charges just don't follow the signs for AP.
There is some discussion whether P stands for Auto Pista or Péage, in either case it means paying in .

Where ever you drive, stick to the speed limits; same for car parking, if in doubt, don't park, don't speed, don't follow the locals. The fines are not worth it. Here are the Google Map routes (without toll roads) from the airports - Malaga or Gibraltar. And here are some more, popular departure points - Granada (Alhambra), Sevilla (Centre), Ronda (Centre). In fact these three cover the main routes to Marbella. From May 2021 the speed limit in towns is 30km/h now on single lane roads with curbs. Without curbs it's down to 20km/h. Dual carriage ways in towns are still on 50km/h.

From the Bus Station in Marbella

When you arrive at Marbella's Estacion de Autobuses you can take a taxi to Torrres de Aloha of use the local buses. Should you be driving - here is the route from Google Map to Urb. Torres de Aloha. Any questions send us an email. Comments, experiences and suggestions are always welcome.

Trains are available to Fuengirola -