Agua del Manantial - Water from the Spring

If you have a car and would like to know where we get our water for cooking and drinking - go to this point a little bit up and behind Nueva Andalucia - click here for the map.

There is no picture of the actual spring mentioned, but it is very much like the one pictured.

Ideally use glass bottles for drinking water, otherwise make sure it is material that will not leak any harmful substances into the water. Especially avoid plastic bottles and heat / direct sunshine. Terracotta and ceramics are good as well. Terracotta containers can keep water and anything placed inside fresh and even cool - Wikipedia - with the combination of water evaporation - Wikihow. And look at this one.

In old pictures and photographs you may see workers in the field with terracotta containers. Often a wet cloth is wrapped around it and left hanging from a tree for max exposure for evaporation. The contents, water or wine, will stay fresh.

Once back home, we fill the drinking water into blue glass bottles and expose them to the sun for an hour at least. The energy of the sun purifies the water. There may be more to it, but happy, sunny, smiling water is already a luxury life in the South has to offer to those with the time, sense and relaxed pace of life.

Drive or better walk up a little from the manantial and you are in the middle of nature. Sure, they are now building a better road up the hill side as you come up to the spring, but keep walking past the spring and you will come to the remote reservoir. A much bigger one is on the way to Istan - but that will be another story ......

Wikipedia - A clay pot cooler filled with vegetables to keep fresh.