Un paseo por el casco antiguo de Marbella ...

... is a delight even during the hot summer months.

tostada con tomate y aceite,  café con leche - by Mover el Bigote Wikipedia


... some impressions of the Old Town at random..... (just click to see images in full) Start early, before breakfast to catch the place still half asleep. Later on it might be too busy and too hot for a walk. Sure, if you want to go shopping not much will be available before 10.00. So, you will have time to grab breakfast (el desayuno) in one of the places with the locals. Ask to have what they take ("serve la" but don't say it too quickly - otherwise you might get a beer - cerveza).

Churros y chocolate - by Barcex Wikipedia


Black coffee is cafe americo and then there are so many different terms for coffee in different sizes & strength, container & preparation of the milk - and they vary by region, worthy a Phd thesis.

Tostada integral con tomate aceite y un café con leche, .... churros con chocolate, but be aware the chocolate is thick and heavy, the real one at least. Where to go?

Churrería Generalife is a safe bet, just look at the place with lots of locals. There is also the first coffee shop of Generalife here.

it's not just in the letters - the Spanish cruasán also tastes different - Juan Fernández - Wikipedia


Churros, chocolate y café con leche - a real gourmet at work - by Jun Wikipedia